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Are you Dedicated? We are!

At Zelus, we believe anything you want is achievable, as long as you have dedication and commitment. We help all our clients get results by helping them replace bad habits with good ones and keeping them accountable through our programs. Book a call with one of our trainers and let's start the transformation into a better you!

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Your Body, the Way You Want It!

Zelus is the Greek God of Dedication. When it comes to reaching your fitness and nutrition goals, DEDICATION and COMMITMENT are the two things you need to have.


With Zelus, you'll work directly with Coach LJ, on building a dedicated plan fully tailored to your specific needs.

- Custom one-on-one fitness programs to maximize your results (no cookie-cutter plans).

- Full nutrition plans tailored to your dietary needs with the macronutrients optimized to your specific goals, and shopping lists to remove the guesswork of not knowing what to get and when.

- Habit assignment and tracking so your results become permanent.

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